Introduction: SCORM Cloud

Connect MRI OnLocation with SCORM Cloud to deliver your SCORM induction course to your organization’s learners.

How it works

If you use Induction Management in OnLocation, you can add induction courses that have been created using SCORM.

To add a course, you’ll need to set up the integration with SCORM Cloud. This is a hosting platform that enables you to share your course with OnLocation.

SCORM courses are created in an authoring tool, hosted in SCORM Cloud, then shared with OnLocation. You can then invite your learners (employees and/or contractors) to complete the course online or on an induction kiosk located on-site.

SCORM explained

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of standards used for online learning systems. Content is created using technical specifications that can be used across different learning management systems (LMS). This allows you to create an induction course that includes a range of content and media types.

To produce a course using SCORM, you’ll need an authoring tool. Options include:

For a wider list of software, check G2.

Learn more about the technical requirements for creating a SCORM course on

What you need

 To add a SCORM induction course in OnLocation, you’ll need:

Set up process

To add a SCORM induction course to OnLocation, complete the following:

  1. Create your SCORM course in your authoring tool
  2. Set up your SCORM Cloud account and upload your course
  3. Enable the SCORM Cloud integration in OnLocation
  4. Add the SCORM induction course in OnLocation