About deliveries

With deliveries in WhosOnLocation, it's easy to register deliveries and notify the recipient that their item has arrived.  Deliveries are available with every account and you must have the Administrator user role to set it up.

How it works

From a sign in/out kiosk, a delivery agent can enter who they have a package for, or the receptionist can collect this information and enter it into Sign In/Out Manager. In both scenarios you can collect information around the type of delivery, and whether they require a signature.

If a package is for multiple people, e.g. a delivery for the whole office, a different set of instruction notification options can be provided. Then an email and/or text is then sent to the selected person(s) and/or another staff member (s) to inform them of the package's arrival.

Set up deliveries

There are two places you can set up deliveries in WhosOnLocation, the sign in/out kiosk and the Sign In/Out Manager. These act completely separate from each other and each location and kiosk can have different settings again.

For both the Sign In/Out Kiosk and Manager, you need to enable the feature before you can use it. Then, you need to set up the settings for the notifications that are sent when a delivery arrives. Lastly, for Sign In/Out Kiosk only, you need to set up the instructions for the delivery agent to follow when they have used the kiosk.

Deliveries reporting

You can see a report of all deliveries that have been logged in WhosOnLocation, either through the sign in/out kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager. This means you can see precisely when a delivery arrived for an employee and track the details of that delivery.

WhosOnLocation records when the delivery arrived, who it was for, what type it was, and whether it needed a signature.

Any user with the Reports Manager user role can access the Deliveries report from the Reporting menu.

Tips and recommendations

  • Update your kiosk sign-in message to direct delivery agents to use the Deliveries button. For example:

    Welcome to (My Company Inc). Please Sign In/Out Above.
    If you are making a delivery, please use the Deliveries button below.
  • Ensure at least one multiple package delivery recipient has the contact details of all employees and they are prepared to receive all Deliveries notifications.
  • Ensure all employees have email addresses and mobile numbers entered into WhosOnLocation.