Introduction: Pre-registering Visitors

Pre-registering visitors streamlines guest traffic management at your reception, improves visitor security, reception awareness and resourcing.

For many organizations knowing who is due on-site is a must:

  • For improving site security
  • To provide support for employee safety programs
  • For giving reception visibility of who is due shortly, tomorrow, next week etc…
  • And for pre-visitor screening

Pre-registering visitors is not a mandatory function of your, or anyone’s, WhosOnLocation account. It is simply a feature available to those organizations that wish to use it. 

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How do employees pre-register their visitors?

Being a web application, any employee granted login permission to your WhosOnLocation account becomes a 'user' and can pre-register a guest to visit themselves or a colleague. Users access WhosOnLocation from their own PC / Workstation.

Users can create:

  1. Personal Guest Groups (which people in your Frequent Guest list can be long to)
  2. A Personal Frequent Guest list

Users can pre-register:

  1. One or more people who are not in their Frequent Guest List and/or
  2. One or more people who are in their Frequent Guest List and/or
  3. One or more Groups from their personal Guest Groups list
Note: Anytime there are 2 or more visitors, that event is considered a Group Event.

Users pre-register visitors:

  1. Through the pre-registration tools or
  2. By uploading a list of your visitors using our ‘csv’ spreadsheet template.

Users can also:

  1. Make a visit event a recurring event to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  2. Set the recurring event to end after it has repeated 'x' number of times or on a specific date.
  3. Create a Visit Event message for the Sign In/Out Manager (receptionist or security guard). An example might be: "Please book the main meeting room on level 3 for my group".
  4. Send the pre-registered Guest a Meeting | Visit Confirmation email (WolPass)

How are pre-registered visitors signed in?

Pre-registered visitors can sign in three ways.

  1. Via the Receptionist: Users with Sign In/Out Manager rights (typically receptionists and/or security guards) are presented with a list of all pre-registered guest events on the Sign In/Out Manager screen. They can pre-print their guest passes and sign them in as they arrive or they can issue the visitor pass once they sign in.
  2. Via a Kiosk: The guest can sign into a visitor kiosk. As long as they enter their name exactly as it was recorded in the pre-registered record for that day the Kiosk will recognise them as a pre-registered visitor.
  3. Via the User who pre-registered them: The user who pre-registered the visitor (s) can also sign them in. This is useful if the visit event is a large group. The visitors arrive on-site, the host greets them and issues them with pre-printed visitor passes (if applicable) and then from their own PC or laptop, signs their visitors in.
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