Visitor pre-registration for employees

Any employee with MRI OnLocation login permission can pre-register a guest to visit themselves or a colleague. This streamlines guest management at your reception and improves visitor security.

How it works

Employees can:

  • Pre-register anybody to visit your location, including answering questions activated by your organization
  • Create visitor groups 
  • Create a personal saved visitor list
  • Make a visit event a recurring event to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Set the recurring event to end after it has repeated X number of times or on a specific date
  • Add instructions or message for the Sign In/Out Manager
  • (If enabled) Send the pre-registered guest a pre-visit questionnaire or OnPass visit confirmation email

Employees can pre-register visitors a number of ways. Check with your administrator to find out the preferred method for your organization.

Manage your visitors