Introduction: Induction Management

Learn about how Induction Management works in WhosOnLocation. You need the Induction Manager user role to access these settings.

Many organizations require their employees and contractors to be aware of their health & safety and security policies, as well as the correct and approved procedures for undertaking or controlling tasks and jobs.

There are various methods for educating, informing, and ensuring people know and understand these policies and operating procedures. In many cases, formal induction or eLearning courses are employed as part of wider health and safety and security practices.

These courses can be delivered by PowerPoint, paper-based course booklets, show and tell site walk-throughs, video, or more commonly through the use of external 3rd party induction programs. One of the common issues with these options is their lack of integration with any site presence tools - the organization can not ensure they have been inducted or have the right skills to be doing a specific task.

WhosOnLocation's Induction Management add-on makes it easy to maintain induction records, regardless of how the course or eLearning element was delivered. You can control access to any location should these courses not be completed or they have expired - simply by setting up triggers.

There are three types of induction courses within WhosOnLocation - WOL eLearning, internal, and external.

Induction Management is an add-on and must be activated by the Account Owner before use. 
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