Add content to an eLearning course

Learn how to add content to an eLearning course. You must have the Induction Manager user role to build an induction course.

Before you start

Before you can add content and build your induction course, make sure you have:

Step 1: Add content to your course

You can add different types of content to an eLearning induction course, including text, images, video, and questions. Learn more about the types of content you can add to your course. 

Once your course has been created, add the content:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Click Course next to the induction course.

  3. Add content blocks from the right-hand sidebar by dragging them into the page.
  4. Click on the content to edit it using the tools on the top of the screen. 

  5. Click Save Page at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Click Manage Options, then click New Option.
  7. Enter the name of the topic, then click Save. You will only need to create a new topic when you reach a new section of the induction course.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Enter the name of the page, then click Save.

    Use the library feature to save pages for future use or add previously saved pages to your current course.
  10. Click New Page to add a new page, then repeat the above steps (as required).
  11. When all content has been added, click Close at the bottom of the screen.

Add a question

You can add questions to relevant pages as you create the content for them.

  1. Click Questions at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click Add a Question.

  3. Enter the question you want to ask.
  4. Choose the type of question:

    Single Choice - Multiple choice with one correct answer

    Multiple Choice - Multiple choice questions with the possibility of more than one option selected as the correct answer

    Pick Correct Image - User chooses their answer from the images presented
  5. (For multichoice questions only) Click Add an Option to add each option, then select the checkbox next to the correct answer.
  6. Select the number of attempts that can be made before failing the question.
  7. Click Save Question.


All your pages are saved in the left-hand sidebar for you to revisit and edit at any stage.

Step 2: Preview the course

Before you send the induction course invitation, preview the course to ensure it is set up correctly.

To preview your course:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Click Preview next to the course.
  3. Click On my computer or On another device, enter the email address or mobile/cell number you would like to send the link to, and click Send.
Next step: Once your induction course has been built, send it to your learners to complete.