Introduction: Calendar invites

Use the calendar invites integration to automatically pre-register visitors while creating a meeting in your calendar.

How it works

Instead of manually pre-registering visitors in WhosOnLocation, add the guests’ email addresses and to the list of attendees, and WhosOnLocation will automatically create the pre-registration event for attendees.

The visitor will receive an email confirming the meeting and will ask them to complete their visitor profile. This is a profile in WhosOnLocation that will be used for any future visits.

If you use WolPass, set them up to send automatically once the visitor has completed their profile.


About visitor profiles

All pre-registered visitors are required to confirm their name and the organization they represent. Depending on your organization’s requirements, you may also ask them to confirm other information. This information makes up their visitor profile.

Once WhosOnLocation receives the meeting invite, it sends any attendee, who isn’t an employee, a link to complete their profile. Their profile is saved for any future visits. When they arrive on-site and sign in, the process of signing in is much quicker.

Employees with access to WhosOnLocation can also update the visitor profile. Once logged in, they can access their pre-registered visitor events, then update visitor profiles or remove attendee visitors from an event.

Next time someone sends a calendar invite to the same visitor email address, the visitor will be asked to review their existing visitor profile. This will be included in their email, and they don’t need to do anything unless there’s something to update.

Any changes made to a visitor profile will only affect the current visit record, not any earlier visits.

Set up the integration

  1. Enable the integration in WhosOnLocation
  2. (Optional) Enable the WolPass add-on and configure your settings
  3. Send a calendar invite
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