View the Brivo configuration overview

Learn about the Brivo configuration overview. You need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to access this screen. 

The Brivo configuration overview gives a summary of the integration. You can see how many sites, doors, and users you have synced, how many triggers you have set up, any recent activity, and can perform the below actions.

The overview screen contains links to the following settings and actions: 

  • Sites – Manage site settings
  • Doors – Manage door settings
  • Users - Manage user matching
  • Triggers – View any triggers you have set up
  • Sync Now – Run sync with Brivo
  • Configure – View and change the authentication settings with Brivo
  • Wizard – Access the setup wizard
  • Recent Activity  – Shows any synced Brivo activity that has happened while you are on this page. As soon as you navigate away these details will clear.