Introduction: WolMobile

Why you should use WolMobile

In most countries, the ability to account for and verify the safety of employees and other people in your duty of care is a legal obligation. Making this simple, and even automatic, for your workforce is even better.

WolMobile is our touchless sign-in and out app for employees and service providers (contractors, suppliers, and vendors) and is designed to make it easier for your organization to maintain safe workplaces by ensuring it knows who is on-site and who is not. WolMobile also allows organizations to alert its users (employees and service providers) of any incidents, hazards, or other safety or security issues as they enter or leave a location.

User features

WolMobile features include: 

  • Manually sign in/out of a location: Users can sign in/out of any locations using WolMobile that they are granted the rights to access.
  • Manually tag yourself as working remotely: Users can sign in to the status 'working remotely'.
  • Automatically sign in/out: Users can be automatically signed in/out of a location that has a Geofence set up against it. 
  • Receive important notices on arrival: You can use the important notices feature to inform of an upcoming event or to remind them of specific responsibilities, for example; to wear their hi-visibility personal protection equipment when in a hazardous environment. The options to share information and capture user responses about any topic or event are limitless.
  • Receive important notices on exit: Important notices also work as a user exits a location. Users can be informed of upcoming events, or of specific responsibility, for example: to return the hi-visibility personal protection equipment they were issued on arrival.
  • SOS alarm: SOS for WolMobile allows users to activate a request for assistance from their mobile device, instantly sending their details and location* to designated SOS Responders.

    Location services on the user's phone must be turned on, and permission to use granted to WolMobile, to send a user's location.
  • Visitor arrival push notifications: In addition to important notices employees can receive free push notifications to alert them whenever a visitor or other guest arrives on-site.

Organization benefits

Gain visibility of who is on-site and who is not: It is always difficult to get your employees and service providers to sign in/out even when you, as an employer, have a regulatory obligation to account for people in the event of an emergency. Access control systems only pick up those people assigned a profile in your access control system but that may exclude some service providers and nearly always all visitors. And of course, employees can tailgate. This means visibility of who is on-site with any integrity is limited. WolMobile helps to address this problem head-on by making it easy for every employee and trusted service provider to have their presence in your facilities automatically captured without the need for them having to interact with other systems. When combined with WhosOnLocation's powerful visitor management functionality, your organization will have unprecedented visibility of every person on-site.

Reduce health & safety and security risks: Organizations can reduce the risks associated with not informing their employees and service providers of the occurrence of new hazards and incidents. With WolMobile users can receive important notices which can include a requirement to 'acknowledge' for audit purposes.

Strengthen security within your facilities: Do you have zones or areas within your facility, building, or construction site, to name a few, that requires a granular level of awareness as to who is entering that zone? Using WolMobile, people can sign into specific zones and change their zones as they move about.

Minimum requirements

  • WolMobile is a native app to both iOS and Android and requires access to different phone services to fully operate including location services and push notifications. 
  • WolMobile relies on having up-to-date sign-in and out information for a location. Every time you use WolMobile it will check for any updates your WhosOnLocation Administrator(s) may have changed (for example the posting of a new 'incident alert'). Therefore, an internet connection is required for the app to work.

Minimum operating system

  • Minimum iOS version: 10
  • Minimum Android version: 5

Phone services

These user opt-in services must be turned on and permission to use them granted to the WolMobile app.

  1. Location Services: Required to use GeoLocation features including auto-sign in/out using a Geofence.
  2. Notifications: Required to receive push notifications for guest arrival and important notices.
  3. Bluetooth: Required to be turned on if using beacons to assist with auto sign-in/out. Permission for using Bluetooth does not need to be granted manually or in the app settings.
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