Introduction: Touchless sign in/out

MRI OnLocation has a set of features that enable visitors, contractors, and employees to sign in or out without touching a kiosk. These features are included in all of our pricing plans.

Touchless sign in/out uses the guest’s or employee’s smartphone to sign in or out of a location. By scanning the QR code on the kiosk or poster, they can then answer the sign in/out questions on their own device. Employees and contractors can also use OnLocation Mobile for touchless sign in/out. 

Touchless options

Here’s a brief overview of the touchless features offered by OnLocation:

Touchless sign in/out kiosk

Employees and guests can sign in by scanning the QR code on the kiosk with their smartphone. Touchless kiosks carry over the same kiosk features, including custom questions, photo capture, badge pass printing, multi-language sign in, acknowledgment notices, and signature capture for NDAs and waivers

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QR code posters

Employees and guests can sign in by scanning the QR code on the poster with their smartphone. 

The posters work the same as any other sign in/out kiosk. You can choose who can use the kiosk, configure arrival notifications, set up badge pass printing, add custom questions, and more.

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OnLocation Mobile

Employees and contractors can sign in and out using OnLocation Mobile. This removes the need to interact with a kiosk. You can even configure auto sign in/out to automate the process. 

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Pre-registered visitors can use the QR code on their OnPass to sign in. This speeds up the sign in process and removes the need to touch a kiosk. Enable kiosk camera scan or connect a scanner to your kiosk to use this feature.

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