About inter-zone kiosks

Learn about zones, inter-zone kiosks, and how you can use them in your location.  

Using zones

Zones are areas in your locations that you differentiate from other areas. These can be buildings on a campus, floors in a building, rooms on a floor, and more. Zones are used to track where people are in your location. They can be used to:

  • Track movements around your locations for greater accuracy of people presence in emergencies
  • Report on and restrict entry to people entering restricted areas

Once you've created your zones, add a self-service inter-zone kiosk so people can switch zones as they move around your location. 

Managing inter-zone movements

Inter-zone kiosks are set up like standard sign in/out kiosks, and can be used on iPads, touch screen PCs, standard PCs, or QR code posters. You can set up as many inter-zone kiosks as you need.

Kiosks are usually located at access points to zones such as doors, gates, and stairwells and can use scanning to allow for quick interactions.

While setting up the kiosk, you have the option to include visitors, employees, and contractors in your inter-zone kiosk setup. This means that you can easily deny access to unauthorized people for specific areas in your location. If a person type is not included in the inter-zone kiosk setup, they will not be found when switching zones on the kiosk.

Set up triggers to deny access, pop-up messages, or send notifications when specific people use an inter-zone kiosk.

Set up question workflows for different zones or all zones, including custom questions, using the kiosk question rules.

Inter-zone movements are captured in the People Presence report. Whenever a person switches zones, they are automatically signed out of one zone and signed into another. Each zone change is reported. This ensures that you can accurately report on where a person is going in your location and when.

Other ways to record inter-zone movements 

In addition to kiosks, you can use any of the following options to record inter-zone movements: