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Managing your Employee Database

In this article, we walk you through the options of how you can manage your employee database.

Employee Database Options

WhosOnLocation requires you to maintain a list of employees against each Location setup in your account. The term employees and users are interchangeable and mean one and the same.

Users can pre-register visitors, manage their own presence or attendance on site, and if granted a User Role; run reports, manage visitor traffic (receptionists), or have access to Administrator functions.

We currently offer two ways to maintain your user database:

  1. Manual User Management (the default)
  2. Active Directory Syncing

Manual User Management

Manual is the default with every new account. Administrators can add, edit, and remove employees from the account database manually. To learn how Administrators can do this enter ‘adding employees manually’ into the Helpdesk Search tool.

  • Administrators can add an employee manually
  • Upload a list of employees via the csv file import option
  • Update existing employee details manually
  • Update existing employee profiles via the csv update tool

There is no ‘setting’ that turns the manual option on – all accounts are manual by default until the Active Directory option is activated and setup.

Active Directory

Our Active Directory script allows your employee database to be maintained automatically. Your unique script will export selected users from your Active Directory to your WhosOnLocation account using LDAP via the Microsoft csvde.exe utility in CSV text format and securely uploads it to our server. The script is written in the powershell language and is fully auditable by the customer and will work seamlessly with a web proxy if you use one.

To learn how more about Active Directory, you may wish to view this section of the helpdesk.

The Unique User Email Rule

WhosOnLocation will only allow an email address to be registered once. Employees sharing an email address is not permitted. This application logic forms a key part of the application security. Every Employee must have a unique email address.

The Employee to Location Rule

Every Employee is loaded against the location they normally work from. If an employee visits multiple locations and hosts visitors at multiple locations you do not add the employee to multiple locations. You simply create his/her profile in their primary location and make them a Global Roamer. To learn more about Global Roamer search for ‘Global Roamer’ in the Helpdesk search tool.

Accessing your Employee Management Options

Navigate to Tools > Account

Select the Employee Management option in the red box below:

You need not do anything to maintain or set your account employee databases to be managed manually. However if you wish to use Active Directory select the Yes button to download your Active Directory script.

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