Add a contractor organization

Learn how to add a contractor organization manually. You must have the Contractor Manager user role to add organizations.

How it works

A contractor organization is any company that employs people who come to your location as part of their work. Each organization has a set of members linked to them and has a profile in OnLocation. 

There are two different ways to add a contractor organization, one at a time or in bulk with the CSV template. If you are only adding one or two organizations, adding them manually is best, as you can add more details. 

If you need to record information that is not included in the default fields for organizations, add custom fields in Contractor Manager before adding new organizations.

Add an organization

The only required fields are:

  • Organization Name
  • Trading As Name
  • Status of Account

If your account has mandatory custom fields, you'll also need to complete this information before saving the new profile. 

To add an organization:

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Click Add Organizations.

  3. Click Manually.


Profile information

  1. Choose the contractor type. This is the legal entity type that this organization is registered as.
  2. Enter the organization name. This is the legal name of the organization.
  3. Enter the trading name.
  4. Add the trading name if different from the legal name). If the trading and legal names are the same, the trading name will be automatically added.
  5. Enter the legal ID number of the organization, e.g. GST, VAT, business number.
  6. Describe the type of legal ID number you have provided.
  7. Enter the contact phone number for the organization.
  8. Enter the main contact email of the organization.
  9. Enter the main physical address at which the organization is located.
  10. Select the country where the organization is located.
  11. Choose the organization's account status: Pending, Active, Inactive, or On-Hold.
  12. Select the person who manages the relationship with this contractor organization. The person you select becomes the Organization Owner. 
  13. Click Save & Manage Groups, or if you have a custom tab, click Next to complete the fields in that tab. 


Categories & groups

Categorize your organizations to make reporting, inductions, and access easier to manage.

  1. Select any categories and groups you want the organization to belong to
  2. Click Save & Manage Location Permissions.


Location access

Choose the locations that members of this organization can access:

  1. Select any locations the organization can access.
  2. Choose Authorized or Temporary. If temporary, enter the relevant date range.


Internal user access groups

Internal user access groups provide a way to manage contractor organizations.

  1. Select Internal User Access Groups from the left-hand menu, then select Yes next to any user access groups the organization belongs in.
  2. Click Save.



Add the details of a contract that this organization has with your company: 

  1. (Optional) Select Contracts from the left-hand menu, then add any contracts the organization has with your company.
  2. Click Save and Close



Add the details of an insurance policy that this organization has: 

  1. (Optional) Select Insurances from the left-hand menu, then add any insurance policies for the organization.
  2. Click Save and Next
  3. Check the notification settings and recipients, and add any documents. 



Add any members linked to this organization: 

  1. Select Members from the left-hand menu
  2. Click Add Members.

When adding members during the organization setup, you can only enter the members' profile information. Any other information will need to be added separately.

Learn more about adding a contractor member.


Add any notes that are relevant to this organization: 

  1. (Optional) Select Notes from the left-hand menu, then add any notes for the organization.
  2. Click Save

When you're finished, click Back to Organizations List to leave the organization's profile.

Next step: You can edit the profile information for your organization at any time by clicking on the View button next to the organization in the organization list.