Introduction: Asset management

Find out about Asset Management in MRI OnLocation. You must have the Asset Management user role assigned to see this section.

How to manage assets

OnLocation’s asset management add-on makes it easy for organizations to manage an inventory of assets and takes the hassle away from tracking where those assets are and who is responsible for them. Assets can include:

  • Temporary access control cards
  • Keys to doors
  • Keys to vehicles
  • Tools
  • Safety equipment and PPE gear

The asset management add-on is not an accounting asset management tool. It does not manage depreciation or manage any of the accounting elements of asset management. It makes it easier to manage your asset inventory and record where those assets are. You can:

  • Create asset groups and types.
  • Create an unlimited number of assets.
  • Associate a unique ID to an asset like a barcode or RFID.
  • Assign those assets to a Home Location.
  • Allow nominated Asset Issuance Users to issue assets out and receipt them back into inventory.
  • Record when it is due back.
  • Receipt an asset back in.
  • Run reports on the historical movements of any asset.
  • Assign an asset a fixed geolocation (latitude and longitude) (ideal for permanent assets fixed to one place).
  • Display assets assigned a geolocation on the GeoLocation Reporting tool.
  • Overlay any combination of assets, employees, contractors, and or vehicles on the GeoLocation report.

Get started using asset management

Asset Management is an add-on and must be activated by the Account Owner before use.

To activate the add-on:

  1. Go to Tools > Account
  2. Select Add-on Management from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Yes next to asset management
  4. Click Save.

Once the add-on is enabled, you can: