Set up a QR code poster

Learn how to set up a QR code poster. Employees, contractors, and visitors can all sign in or out by scanning the QR code with their smartphones. You must have the Administrator user role to access these settings.

Add a QR code poster

The setup process for a QR code poster is largely the same as a sign in/out kiosk. You can choose who can use the kiosk, configure arrival notifications, set up badge pass printing, set up any custom questions, and more. The only major difference is the poster layout and mobile sign in settings.

If you need to print badges and you’re going to display the poster at an entry point away from a printer, you may like to set up a welcome greeting directing guests to the reception to collect their badges.

Once set up, you can download the full formatted poster using MRI OnLocation's template, or if you'd like to use your own custom design, just download the QR code.

You can read more about QR code posters.

Step 1: Add a new kiosk

To create your poster, first, add your kiosk:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks.
  3. Click Create a New Kiosk.
  4. Enter your kiosk name.
  5. Select the access point.
  6. Select QR code poster as the kiosk device.
  7. (Optional) Select the employee list privacy settings.
  8. Click Next.


Find out more about how to enter the kiosk settings.

Step 2: Customize the kiosk settings

Choose the settings for the kiosk. Some settings might not be required for your location.

To update your kiosk:

  1. Set up who can use the QR code poster in the kiosk's Mode tab, then click Next.

  2. Choose the kiosk printing settings. If you need to print badge passes, select the checkbox next to Badge Pass Printing and choose another kiosk with print sharing enabled. Click Next.

  3. Configure the deliveries settings (if selected in the kiosk Mode tab). Click Next.
  4. Set up kiosk notifications (if contractors were selected in the kiosk Mode tab), then click Next.
  5. Create question rules, then click Next.

  6. Click Save.

Step 3: Customize the poster and mobile sign in layout

Once you’ve saved the kiosk settings, you can then set up the layout for the poster and mobile sign in.

If you’re going to only print the QR code, just set up the mobile sign in layout, then select the Poster tab, click Print, and select Print QR code only.

To customize the layout:

  1. Select the Layout tab.
  2. In the Poster tab, enter the organization name. Note that if you add a logo, this field won't display. 
  3. (Optional) Edit the poster instructions. You can update the first paragraph next to step one.
  4. Click on the accent color to change it. Select a color, then click choose. This color is used for the poster’s headline, instruction numbering, and footer.
  5. (Optional) Click Upload Logo. You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. It must be a minimum of 200 x 100 pixels and a maximum of 6000px wide x 6000px high. The file size limit is 5MB. 
  6. Click Save

  7. Click Print, then select Print poster. A PDF of the poster will be downloaded to your computer.
  8. Select the Mobile Sign In tab.
  9. Choose the theme, and complete the other layout and color settings.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Learn more about the full range of kiosk layout settings.

Set up a QR code poster for an inter-zone

If your location has zones set up, QR code posters are an easy touchless option for reporting on anyone moving between zones.

To create a poster for each zone, follow the steps above to create a new sign in/out kiosk. In the settings tab, make sure you:

  1. Choose the zone under Access Point.
  2. Select QR code poster as the device type.


Learn more about how to set up an inter-zone kiosk.