Add a global custom questionnaire

Create a global questionnaire, add the questions, then choose the sign in/out modes and locations. You need the Global Questions Manager user role to access these settings.

How it works

Custom questionnaires contain a group of questions that are specific to your organization. They can be used across your kiosks (including QR code posters), OnLocation Mobile, Sign In/Out Manager, and during visitor pre-registration. When you’re activating a global custom questionnaire, choose which locations or location groups the questionnaire applies to.

If you activate a questionnaire for kiosks, the questionnaire will be enabled for all kiosks at the selected locations. If additional kiosks are added in the future, the questionnaire will be enabled automatically.

Before you start

Add a global custom questionnaire

Step 1 - Create the questionnaire

  1. Go to Tools > Global Sign In/Out Questions.
  2. In the Global Questions tab, click Create a New Questionnaire.

  3. Enter the questionnaire name. This is the name is displayed on the kiosk and in the mobile app.
  4. Set the questionnaire target audience. Each questionnaire can be set for a person type: employee, visitor, or contractor.
  5. Choose the frequency you'd like to show the questionnaire.
  6. Click Save.


Step 2 - Add your custom questions

There are nine types of questions available. These are the same questions available in the location level Sign In/Out Questions.

You’ll need to repeat these steps for each question you’d like to include in the questionnaire.

To add a question:

  1. Click Add Question.
  2. Enter the question/title.
  3. Select the question type.
  4. Enter the details based on the question type.
  5. (Optional) Select the checkbox next to Host selection to send the answer to the host in the arrival notification (visitor and contractors only).
  6. (Optional) Select the checkbox next to Compulsory Question when an answer is mandatory.
  7. (Optional) Select the parent question to make the question conditional based on the answer given.
  8. (Optional) Set a custom question timeout if you want to change how long the kiosk can stay inactive before canceling the sign in from the kiosk default.
  9. (Optional) Set a question pause time to ensure the person stays on the page before they can answer or move on.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Step 3 - Activate the questionnaire

  1. Click the questionnaire status.
  2. Click Activate.

  3. Select the activation modes that the questionnaire applies to, then click Next.

  4. Select the locations or location groups.
  5. Click Save.


The next time someone signs in/out at one of these locations or is pre-registered, they’ll be presented with this questionnaire, along with any basic questions.

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