Contractor member profiles

Learn about what information is recorded in contractor member profiles. You must have the Contractor Manager user role to access them.

A contractor member is any person that enters your location as part of their work and isn’t employed by your organization. They are recorded as members of contractor organizations. These can be anyone from cleaners to builders to suppliers to temp workers and anyone that performs services for your organization and needs to sign in to your locations.

In MRI OnLocation you can manage contractor records, assign their user roles in their organization, and set their access to your location.

If you need to record information that is not included in the default profile fields, add custom fields in contractor manager before updating contractor member profiles.

Some of these sections are only available if the add-on is enabled and the user role is assigned.

To view a member profile:

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Click Members in the menu on the left.
  3. Search for the member, then click View next to their name. 

  4. Update the following settings:

Profile information

These are the contact details of the member. The only required default field is the Full Name field. This must have a first and last name to be accepted. If you have added mandatory custom fields, you'll also need to complete these fields before saving your changes. 

For a member to have access to your locations, the status of their account needs to be Active. When first adding a member, the Status defaults to Pending, you can then change this to Active, Inactive, On-Hold, or Banned. When changing a status, you must add a status note, this is to record the reason for the change and will be stored in the logs.

Inactive, Pending, and On-Hold are all statuses that prevent access to your locations and prevent expiry notifications from being sent to the member.

You can use these to manage your members in any way you want. E.g. On-Hold means you are waiting for paperwork, Inactive means they are not currently providing services but they may in the future, etc.

Banned also prevents access to your locations but also records when someone tries to sign in and allows you to set up notifications based on this. Click here for more information on this status.

The Primary Email Address and Mobile Number fields are used for sending notifications to the member.

The Contractor ID field is used to store an ID number that can be used instead of the name to sign in/out at a Kiosk.

The Permitted dates allow you to set a period that the member can access your locations. Outside of these dates, the member will be denied access when trying to sign in.

There may be extra fields to complete or tabs to click through if your organization has added custom fields. 



Add or remove the organizations a member belongs to in this section. Once an organization has been added, you can adjust the location permissions and organization roles of that member for that organization.

A member cannot have access to more locations than their organization, but they can have fewer. For example, an organization has permission to visit all locations in one country, but a member may only have permission for one city. They will only be recognized as a contractor member for the location in that city.

By default, a member will have the same permissions as their organization. To customize this permission, click Location Access and select the locations and level of permission.

You can assign different organization roles in this section. 


OnLocation Mobile

The mobile app is used by contractors and employees to sign in and out of locations without using the kiosk. It will only appear when the OnLocation Mobile add-on is enabled by the Account Owner.

From this section, you can view and send a member’s mobile app code. This code will not be active until it is sent to the member. To do this, click Send activation, then select the method.

You can also send multiple codes from the Member List using the Run Action menu.



Member Inductions will only appear when the induction management add-on has been enabled by the Account Owner.

From this section, you can view the induction courses passed by a member, the status of the course (whether it is passed, not passed, or expired), and if they have any pending invites to induction courses.

If you also have the Induction Manager user role, you can invite members to take induction courses or manually add them to their profiles from this view.

Induction courses are all set up in the induction management section of OnLocation by users with the Induction Management user role.



Tokens are used to expedite the sign in/out process. If you have a token set up in OnLocation, you can scan this instead of entering your name into a kiosk to sign in or out.

Tokens are any barcode or QR code that is entered into the system to give a contractor this ability. They can be added by an Identity Manager user in the system or by the contractor themselves when signing in on the kiosk if the self-register option is enabled.

Member tokens will only appear when the identity management add-on has been enabled by the Account Owner.

From this section, you can view any tokens set up in a member’s account and, if you have the Identity Manager user role, add new tokens.



Record a contractor's relevant certifications. Certifications are created in certifications management, then applied to a contractor's profile. You do not need to have the Certifications Manager user role to add certifications to a contractor's profile, only to create different certifications.

Certifications will only appear when the certifications management add-on has been enabled by the Account Owner.

The information that can be recorded includes the type of certification, the name of the certification (chosen from a dropdown menu of certifications) when it was received, how long it is valid for, and any supporting documents.

Certifications can be used to deny entry to contractors from a location using triggers. You can set this up for if a relevant certification has not been applied or expires.



Use this section to view and create notes about the member which may be relevant to your records.

Each note has a type, subject, and note contents to help differentiate what each note is for at a glance.

You can add notes manually one-by-one, or add multiple notes for a member via CSV import using the template provided in the Notes section.