Introduction: Important notices

Learn how you can use acknowledgment notices and instant messages to share important notices with your employees and guests.  

How important notices work

The important notice add-on allows you to share critical notices in a timely and simple way, keeping your organization and those in your duty of care safe and secure. They can be used to acknowledge hazards before work commences or to notify of events during the day. We have two types of important notices: acknowledgments and instant messages. They are managed by an employee with the Administrator user role. 

Acknowledgment notices

Acknowledgment notices pop up during sign in or out, as mandated by your organization, and must be acknowledged by the audience. They are used to notify people of temporary hazards or one-off events like fire drills. 

Acknowledgment notices come with a number of configuration options. These options allow you to set when and who sees an acknowledgment notice:

  • Audience - Define which audience, or combination of your audience, the notice is presented to (visitors, contractors, and/or employees).
  • Published Dates - Set the period the notice will be published for. It will automatically archive at the end of the set period.
  • Frequency - If the notice should be displayed every time or only once.

Acknowledgment notice responses are by default set to “acknowledge' and 'do not acknowledge'. You can customize it to the needs of your organization. We provide two response options so that users are not forced into acknowledging a notice.

Further information can be requested when a notice is or is not acknowledged, this is helpful for reporting hazards or to provide further information about the guest’s response. If a user does not acknowledge a notice, you can notify the appropriate people. 

Acknowledgments will display when signing in using a kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager, and the OnLocation mobile app.

Instant messages

Instant messages allow you to send one-off notifications. These notifications have a variety of uses from informing those on-site of an emergency, to reminding employees about company policies.

Instant messages can be sent to employees, contractors, and visitors, or any combination of these audiences and broken into subcategories based on signed-in status or groupings.

Sending an instant message is simple; enter a plain text message, set the sending method (mobile or email), set your audience, and send.

Each text sent will use an SMS credit for each message sent. Messages do not have character limits, however, one SMS credit is used for every 160 characters in a SMS including the footer. For example, if your message is 180 characters including the footer, two SMS credits will be used to send the message.


Reporting is available for acknowledgment and instant message notices ensuring you have full visibility, including: 

  • Who has received an instant message or responded to an acknowledgment
  • When the important notice was received or responded to
  • How the important notice was received

These reports can be accessed by employees with the Reports Manager user role:

Enable the add-on

The important notices add-on must be enabled by the Account Owner: 

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Add-on Management from the left-hand menu.
  3. Set Important Notices to Yes.

  4. Click Save.

Get started using important notices