Advanced setup options

View the suggested setup options and features you may like to use at your location.

How to set up your account

Every customer is unique at MRI OnLocation, so there is no singular list of setup steps. We can suggest some tips based on what many of our customers configure when first setting up their accounts.

Not all of these may apply to your business. We encourage you to look at all features to get the most out of OnLocation.

Before working through these setup options, we recommend first looking at our basic setup steps

Choose your location settings

Each location has a range of settings, in addition, to sign in/out kiosks, you may like to set up the following: 

  • Access points are places within a location where employees or guests can sign in or out. They are linked to your kiosks.
  • Zones are a way of dividing your location into specific areas, e.g., separate buildings, and floors. You can assign zones to groups and add them to access points.
  • Triggers are used to automate actions based on sign in/out activity in OnLocation.
  • Badge passes are identification labels printed when a guest or employee arrives on-site. Set up customized templates for each type of visitor, each displaying specific types of information.
  • Important notices are used to share critical notices with people on-site, either by showing an acknowledgment notice or sending an instant message.

Manage contractors

Contractors are external people or organizations contracted to provide a service to your organization. The Contractor Management add-on offers the ability to add contractor organizations and members, add any contracts, insurance policies, and certifications, and set up access to the contractor portal.

To get started managing contractors, you'll need to:

  1. Choose your contractor organization categories and groups
  2. Update the contact role types
  3. Add your insurance policy types
  4. Import contractor organizations and members using the CSV template

Enable add-ons

Add-ons are additional features in OnLocation that help you manage your people presence. You don't have to enable all add-ons, and you should only turn on the add-ons you are going to use.

Key add-ons include:

  • Certifications management is used to record employee or contractor certifications and send expiry notifications.
  • Desks and spaces is used to create bookable desks and spaces in your location. Employees can book a space when they sign in, or in advance with employee scheduling. 
  • Employee scheduling provides the ability for employees to book when they'll be on-site using OnLocation Mobile. 
  • Identity management is used to set up and print ID cards and enable employees and contractors to sign in using a token.
  • Induction management is used to record when learners complete in-person induction courses or deliver online induction courses by email or on-site induction kiosks.
  • Multi-language allows guests and employees to sign in using their preferred language. It is available on both Sign In/Out Manager and on kiosks. 

Enable integrations

There is a range of third-party applications that OnLocation supports integrations with.

Key integrations include:

  • SyncPortal is used to sync your employee information in OnLocation with an external data source.
  • OneLogin Sync is used to sync your employee information in OnLocation with your OneLogin employee directory.
  • Alexa for Business, where you can use triggers to make on-site audio announcements on your Alexa devices.
  • Webhooks provide a simple way for your cloud-based applications to share information, sending data to a third-party application in real time.

Set up OnEvac

OnEvac is an emergency management tool for mobile devices. It gives you the ability to quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency.

Mobile apps

There are several mobile apps that you can use in addition to the web application: 

  • OnLocation Mobile is an app for employees and contractors. They can sign in or out of a location or zone, see important notices, receive notifications, and request assistance by sending an SOS. Employees can also book a workspace in advance (if the relevant add-ons are enabled). 
  • OnScan is an iOS app that enables you to scan, capture, and record a visitor’s photo ID. There is an extra charge to use this app.
  • OnSentry is an Android-only mobile app used by on-site staff like security guards to manage employee and contractor movements. There is an extra charge to use this app. OnSentry is no longer available for new installations, but existing clients continue to receive support
Next step: If you’d like to see an overview of the features and terms used in OnLocation, check the OnLocation glossary.