Initial Account Setup

The most common steps for a first time account set up.

Every one of our customers is unique at WhosOnLocation so it's impossible to tell you how to set up your account. What we can do is give you some tips around what our customers find most useful when first setting up their accounts.

Please Note: Not all of these may apply to your business however, we would encourage you to look at all features of WhosOnLocation to get the most benefit possible for your organization.

These steps are to be followed once your account set up is complete and your first location has been added:

Activate sign in questions through Questionnaire Manager - These are the default questions you want the people signing into your location (either through a kiosk or by a receptionist/security) to answer. The most frequent questions are already set up, ready for you to enable, and you can add as many custom questions to the sign-in process as you require (including waivers and videos).

Set up a Sign In/Out kiosk - A kiosk which is used for your visitors, service providers, and/or employees to sign themselves in and out of your location. This is the most widely used feature of WhosOnLocation allowing your people to self-serve, making the sign-in process easier for all involved, and giving you the opportunity to display your branding.

Set up a Badge Pass template (if printing) - If your organization needs to print visitor or service provider badge passes, you can set up the required templates here. We support a range of labels and printers for you to choose from. Once the template is set up, re-visit the kiosk section to enable the badge pass.

Import Employees - To get the full experience and value from WhosOnLocation, you will want to add your employees to WhosOnLocation. This lets visitors select hosts, lets employees sign in and out of locations, and lets employees pre-register their upcoming visitors.

Enable Add-ons - To get the full power of WhosOnLocation, you will want to turn on all of the Add-ons and test out their usability. Your organization may not need all of these right now, but it's good to know what is available to you.

Enable Integrations - WhosOnLocation integrates with some third-party systems to give you even more usability, the most commonly used of these is Calendar Invites which allows employees to pre-register their visitors from their Google or Outlook calendar without having to log into the WhosOnLocation system.

Assign User Roles - To keep your system secure and user-friendly, WhosOnLocation users must be assigned roles to access certain areas, this keeps your information and settings secure and doesn't overwhelm new users. Most add-ons require user roles to access them and some user roles are not related to add-ons, anyone setting up the system should have all available user roles assigned.

Create Calendar Event - Time to start testing the capabilities of WhosOnLocation. Create your very own test Calendar event to pre-register some visitors to sign in.

Sign-in Visitor using Kiosk - Use your kiosk to sign in a pre-registered visitor and a new visitor to get the visitor's experience.

Sign-in Visitor using Sign In/Out Manager - Use the in-app Sign In/Out Manager to sign in a pre-registered visitor and a new visitor to get the experience of a receptionist/security guard and see the difference between both methods.


With all of these steps complete, the most common features of every account will be set up and tested. See the rest of the articles in this series for information on Account Specific settings.

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