Set up your account and first location

To get started using MRI OnLocation, you'll need to set up your account and add your first location. 

Create an account

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a free trial
  2. Open the email from OnLocation and click Activate Now
  3. Enter your email address and password. 
  4. Click Start Setup Now


Set up your first location

A location is the physical premises where you need to manage visitors, contractors, and employees. 

Add the details for the location: 

  1. Add the location name. This is the name that your organization uses when referring to the location, e.g., head office, call center.
  2. Select the country it is located in.
  3. Enter the physical address. 
  4. (US, AU, Canada only) Select your state or province. 
  5. Enter the postcode or ZIP code. This is a series of letters and digits appended to a postal address to sort mail.
  6. Enter the main contact phone number.
  7. Select the time zone. The time is recorded for many activities in OnLocation so setting the correct time zone is essential for accurate record keeping.
  8. Choose a date format: mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy. 
  9. Choose a time format: 24 hours or AM/PM format. 
  10. Select a primary function. OnLocation uses this field to better understand where our service is being used. If this location serves multiple functions, select Mixed Function.
  11. (Optional) Add any location-specific information.
  12. Click Save and Next.


Set up your color theme and email signature

Set up the theme color for your account and set up an email signature: 

  1. In the Theme Color tab, click on the color.

  2. Use the color picker or enter a HEX code, then click Choose.
  3. Select the Email Signature tab. 
  4. Type your email signature in the field provided and use the text tools at the top of the field to customize it.
  5. Click Preview Email to see what your signature will look like in a visitor notification. 
  6. Click Save & Next


Provide some information about your organization 

  1. Select an industry. 
  2. Select the number of employees. 
  3. Choose the OnLocation features that you're interested in using.
  4. Click Save & Next

  5. Click Start using OnLocation

  6. Update your subscription options, then click Save Subscription Options

Next steps

Start setting up the features that you'll use in your location. You might like to:

You may want to also look at our suggested setup article.

Get help

The MRI OnLocation Help Center provides articles on all of OnLocation's features and settings. You can access the Help Center either by using global search in the application or at

After searching, if you can't find what you are looking for, contact our support team