About the Account Owner role

Learn about the role of the Account Owner. It is assigned to the person who first registers the account. There can only be one Account Owner per account. 

To access account settings go to Tools > Account.


The Account Owner can access these account settings:

  • Account profile - Sets the name, main number, main address, and local date format of the organization.
  • Billing Details - Sets the default plan for the account and billing details for the plan.
  • Add-on Management - Enable optional free add-ons for the account and choose the locations that will use them.
  • API - Information about the MRI OnLocation API which can be used for integrations
  • Audit - View purged visitor records
  • Branding - Set the theme color for the account and the default email signature for notifications.
  • Integrations - Settings for OnLocation's integrations with third-party applications
  • SMS Status - View the details of the SMS credit balance and SMS history
  • Employee Access - Set security restrictions for employee sign-ins such as password strength and Single sign-on options
  • Employee Custom Fields -  if the add-on has been enabled, 
  • Employee Management - Options and information for Active Directory Sync to automatically update your employee database.

This role can only be held by one person in an organization. The current Account Owner can transfer the role to another employee.