Introduction: Contractor insurance policies

Learn how to manage contractor insurances through the contractor manager add-on.

How it works

Recording contractor insurances and ensuring the right people are aware when an insurance policy is about to expire is a great way to minimize organizational risk. You can use OnLocation to manage the insurance policies of your contractors and suppliers.

Insurance policies are recorded against the contractor organization record. You can add an unlimited number of insurance policies. 

There are different levels of access to insurances based on the assigned user role of an employee:

  • Contractor Administrators: These users can manage and update the Insurance Settings for your account.
  • Contractor Managers and Co-ordinators: These users cannot manage settings but they can add and remove insurance policy records against any contractor organization they have access rights to view.

To record insurance policies, add your insurance types, set up your expiry notifications recipients, and update the email text. Once your insurance settings are confirmed, add insurance policies to your contractor organizations. 

Insurance setup

  1. Activate the contractor management add-on
  2. Add and manage insurance policy types
  3. Manage insurance notification recipients 
  4. Manage insurance notifications
  5. Customize your insurance expiry notifications emails

Manage insurance policies