Introduction: Reporting

Learn about the basics of reporting in WhosOnLocation. You must be assigned the Reports Manager user role to access reporting.

The WhosOnLocation reports are located under the Reporting menu in the header.  The reports you can access will depend on the add-ons that your organization has activated

Reports include: 

  • People Presence – Report on the people that have been recorded on-site.
  • Custom Questionnaire Reports – Report on the answers to custom questions asked upon sign in and out.
  • Acknowledgement Notice Reports – Report on the acknowledgement notices presented on sign in and out and any responses to them.
  • Geolocation – See the current location of any employees, contractors, vehicles, and assets with geolocation enabled.
  • Notification Summary – Report on all emails and SMS messages sent from your WhosOnLocation account.
  • WolEvac Reports – Report on evacuation events.
  • SOS Reports – Report on who sent a SOS alert, when, and who received it. 
  • Panic Alarm Reports – Report listing when the panic alarm event was created, the location, status, length of the event. 
  • Deliveries Report – Report on deliveries entered using a kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager.

To access reports, click Reporting in the header.


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