Introduction: Reporting

This article covers the basics of the Reporting feature. You must be assigned the Reports User user role to access reporting.

You can access any reports from the Reporting dropdown menu once you have been assigned the Reports User user role. There are five different reports available in Reporting:

People Presence - Report on the people that have been recorded on-site

Custom Questionnaire Reports - Report on the answers to custom questions asked upon sign in and out

Geolocation - See the current location of any Employees, Service Providers, Vehicles, and Assets with geolocation enabled

Notification Summary - Report on all emails and SMS messages sent from your WhosOnLocation account

WolEvac Reports - Report on evacuation events

To assign the Report User user role and access Reporting, as an Administrator:

1. Go to Tools > User Roles

2. Click the green Manage Roles next to the employee you want to grant this role to

3. Select Reports User using the checkbox

4. Click Assign Roles

The next time the employee signs in they will be able to access all reports under Reporting.

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