Get started with MRI OnLocation

Find out about the basic setup steps and features you may like to use in your new location.


Step 1: Manage employees

Employees are linked to a location in OnLocation. Each employee has a home location and can be given global roaming permission so they can sign in at other locations in your organization.

There are three ways to add employees:

Once you’ve added your employees, assign user roles to any employees that need access to a OnLocation.

Step 2: Register people movement with kiosks and Sign In/Out Manager

Set up kiosks so visitors, employees, contractors, or delivery agents can sign in/out independently. There is a range of hardware options for kiosks, plus you can enable touchless functionality. Add your company branding, choose who can use the kiosks, and set up notifications and sign-in questions.  

Sign In/Out Manager is a tool your front-of-house staff can use to sign people in or out. Choose which questions should display in Sign In/Out Manager, configure panic alarm notifications and delivery settings.

Step 3: Ask questions during sign-in/out

There are two types of sign-in/out questions in OnLocation:

  • Basic questions come preloaded in your account. You can choose which questions to activate and where to show them.
  • Custom questions are created by your organization. Create a questionnaire that contains a series of questions. Choose the audience, frequency, and where the questionnaire should display. To share a questionnaire across multiple locations, use Global Sign In/Out Questions

Step 4: Pre-register and screen visitors

Employees with access to OnLocation can pre-register visitors to meet with themselves or colleagues. Visitor pre-registration ensures that you maintain oversight of who is coming on-site. 

Visitor pre-registration features include:

Step 5: Access organization-wide reporting

Reporting in OnLocation includes the people presence data across your whole organization. Check who has signed in, how they answer the sign-in questions, view a summary of notifications, and more. Assign the Reports Manager user role to an employee so they can access reporting. 

Key reports include:

You can also set up a dashboard to display a snapshot of who’s on-site and who’s due to arrive.

Next step: For additional setup options, check the advanced setup guide. If you'd like to browse all of OnLocation's features, download the feature list.