Get started with MRI OnLocation

Find out about the core OnLocation features you may like to use in your new location.


About OnLocation

OnLocation is people presence software that's used to manage the movement of people through buildings and work sites. It's a cloud-based web application that records when visitors, employees, or contractors are on-site and can help you account for your people during an evacuation.

When you signed up for an OnLocation trial, an account was added for your organization. Each of your buildings or work sites is added as an individual location, all linked to your account. Some OnLocation features are set up for a specific location, others are configured across multiple locations. 

You can choose which OnLocation features you'd like to use. The sections below outline the most commonly used features of the application. 

Manage employees

Employees are linked to a location in OnLocation. Each employee has a home location and can be given global roaming permission so they can sign in at other locations in your organization.

There are three ways to add employees:

Once you’ve added your employees, assign user roles to any employees that need access to OnLocation.

Register people movement with kiosks and Sign In/Out Manager

Set up kiosks so visitors, employees, contractors, or delivery agents can sign in/out independently. There is a range of hardware options for kiosks, plus you can enable touchless functionality. Add your company branding, choose who can use the kiosks, and set up notifications and sign-in questions.  

Sign In/Out Manager is a tool your front-of-house staff can use to sign people in or out. Choose which questions should display in Sign In/Out Manager, configure panic alarm notifications and delivery settings.

Ask questions during sign-in/out

There are two types of sign-in/out questions in OnLocation:

  • Basic questions come preloaded into your account. You can choose which questions to activate and which sign in methods to show them on.
  • Custom questions are created by your organization. Create a questionnaire that contains a series of questions. Choose the audience, frequency, and where the questionnaire should display. To share a questionnaire across multiple locations, use Global Sign In/Out Questions

Pre-register and screen visitors

Employees with access to OnLocation can pre-register visitors to meet with themselves or colleagues. Visitor pre-registration ensures that you maintain oversight of who is coming on-site. 

Visitor pre-registration features include:

Access organization-wide reporting

Reporting in OnLocation includes the people presence data across your whole organization. Check who has signed in, how they answer the sign-in questions, view a summary of notifications, and more. Assign the Reports Manager user role to an employee so they can access reporting. 

Key reports include:

You can also set up a dashboard to display a snapshot of who’s on-site and who’s due to arrive.

Next step: For additional setup options, check the advanced setup guide. If you'd like to browse all of OnLocation's features, download the feature list.