OnLocation Mobile for employees or contractors

OnLocation Mobile is an iOS and Android app used by employees and contractors to sign in/out. This article is for app users, outlining the features, settings, battery usage, and how location services work.  

How it works

OnLocation Mobile is a smartphone app designed to keep you safe at work. It has the following features:

  • Sign in/out - depending on your location's settings, you can sign in manually or automatically.
  • Instant messages – your organization can quickly communicate work updates or hazards or notify you that a visitor has arrived.
  • SOS alerts – you can ask for immediate assistance if required.
  • Follow Me – is a safety feature that tracks users while they're signed in to work. If you're working at risk, alone, or traveling between sites, your organization may ask you to use this feature.
  • For employees, pre-register visitors, schedule when you'll be on-site, and book a workspace.

If you are an employee who visits multiple locations, you can sign in/out to multiple locations.

If you are a contractor with multiple clients using OnLocation Mobile, you can add multiple organizations and switch between them depending on who you work for.

Technical requirements and battery usage

Minimum operating system:

  • Minimum iOS version: 10
  • Minimum Android version: 5

You must have WiFi or mobile data enabled to use OnLocation Mobile on your smartphone. There is no offline mode. 

These services must be turned on and permission granted to use them with the app:

  • Location services – Required to use geolocation features, including auto-sign in/out using a geofence.
  • Notifications – Required to receive push notifications for guest arrival and important notices.
  • Bluetooth – Required to be turned on if using beacons to assist with auto sign-in/out. Permission for using Bluetooth does not need to be granted manually or in the app settings.

OnLocation Mobile has been developed to be battery efficient. However, if your organization has made 'Follow Me' mandatory, your location is constantly reported on while you are signed in. This will use significantly more battery because the app is continually sending data.

Location tracking

Your location is used by OnLocation Mobile for auto sign-in/out, to provide you with distances to various locations, and to provide your location if you send an SOS alert.

If your location has enabled 'Follow Me' while you are signed in, OnLocation will report on your location constantly until you sign out. Any geolocation reporting ends when you sign out. 

If you don't want to use location tracking, the app's usability is limited. You will still be able to sign in/out and receive push notifications manually, but you can't use:

  • Auto sign-in/out
  • SOS
  • Location tracking
  • Distances to nearby locations

Learn more about how location tracking works

Using OnLocation Mobile

Available widgets

Next step: Once an administrator has invited you, install OnLocation Mobile on your smartphone and set up the app.