Manage Your Account Add-ons

Add-ons are extra features that you can add to your account free of charge. Add-ons allow you to get more functionality out of your WhosOnLocation account and further customizations to meet your needs.

Add-ons must be enabled by the account owner and are disabled by default.

Once enabled, most Add-ons require a User Role to be granted to use the new features. These user roles are accessed through Tools > User Roles and can be granted by any Administrator for the locations the have access to.

An Administrator can only grant a user role if the corresponding Add-on has been enabled by the Account Owner. 

Add-ons that do not require user roles, and can only be accessed by Administrators or the Account Owner are Acknowledgment Notices, Dashboards, and WolEvac.

The WolMobile Add-on also does not require a user role and is accessed by Administrators and the Account Owner for employees, and by Service Provider Managers for service providers.

How Add-ons Work

Add-ons add extra features to your existing account allowing you to perform extra tasks, set up alerts, manage more people, add security, and many other things. Because each Add-on works differently, for a detailed look at each Add-on and its features, please navigate to the Add-ons section of our Helpdesk.

Activating Add-ons

Log in as the Account Owner, then from the Home screen:

1. Go to Tools > Account

2. Select Add-on Management from the left-hand menu

3. Toggle the Enabled switch to Yes for each Add-on you want to enable

4. (Optional) If you want to enable the add-on for specific locations only, change Locations Activated to Selected and use the new options to pick your locations. 

Please Note: The default for Add-ons is to be enabled for all locations.

5. Click Save

All user roles for enabled Add-ons will now be able to be granted from Tools > User Roles. For more information on User Roles, please see our help article About User Roles.

Add-on Summary

Acknowledgement Notices - Allows Administrators to issue hazard notices.

Asset Management - Create, issue, and track assets to employees, service providers, and visitors.

Dashboards - Allows you to display real-time information for one or more locations in your account.

Identity Management - Issue, track, and manage Tokens (Access Control, ID Card, etc..) assigned to employees and service providers.

Induction Management - Create your own online induction courses, and record the dates employees and service providers completed and must renew their induction courses.

Qualifications Management - Record service provider and employee qualifications and their renewal dates.

Service Provider Management - Create, edit, and manage service provider organizations and members.

Triggers - Set up alerts to go off when certain events occur and rules are met.

WolEvac - An evacuation system tied into the WhosOnLocation application.

WolGuard - An Android-only mobile app that can be used by employees and service provider to manage the movements of others.

WolMobile - A mobile app that can be used by employees and service providers to sign in and out without a kiosk, and track their current location.

WolPass - An invitation that can be sent to pre-registered visitors with information about their visit, the location, and the surrounding area.

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