Manage your account add-ons

Add-ons are extra features that you can add to your account free of charge. Add-ons allow you to get more functionality out of your WhosOnLocation account. They must be enabled by the account owner and are disabled by default.

How add-ons work

Add-ons provide extra features to your existing account allowing you to perform extra tasks, set up alerts, manage more people, add security, and more. 

Once enabled, most add-ons require a user role to be granted to use the new features. These user roles can be assigned by an Administrator for the locations the have access to. An Administrator can only grant a user role if the corresponding add-on has been enabled by the Account Owner. 

Add-ons that do not require user roles, and can only be accessed by Administrators or the Account Owner are Acknowledgment Notices, Dashboards, and WolEvac.

The WolMobile add-on also does not require a user role and is accessed by Administrators and the Account Owner for employees, and by Service Provider Managers for service providers.

Activate an add-on

To enable an add-on:

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Add-on Management from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Yes for each add-on you want to enable.
  4. (Optional) If you want to enable the add-on for specific locations only, change Locations Activated to Selected and use the new options to pick your locations. The default for add-ons is to be enabled for all locations.
  5. Click Save.

All user roles for enabled add-ons will now be able to be granted from Tools > User Roles. For more information on user roles, please see our help article About User Roles.

Available add-ons

  • Asset Management – Create, issue, and track assets to employees, service providers, and visitors.
  • Custom Fields – Add custom fields to record extra information in your employee and service provider profiles.
  • Dashboards – Allows you to display real-time information for one or more locations in your account.
  • Identity Management – Issue, track, and manage Tokens (Access Control, ID Card, etc..) assigned to employees and service providers.
  • Important Notices – Allows Administrators to issue hazard notices.
  • Induction Management – Create your own online induction courses, and record the dates employees and service providers completed and must renew their induction courses.
  • Multi-Language – Give your visitors, service providers, and/or employees the ability to change the language of your kiosk. 
  • Qualifications Management – Record service provider and employee qualifications and their renewal dates.
  • Service Provider Management – Create, edit, and manage service provider organizations and members.
  • Triggers – Set up alerts to go off when certain events occur and rules are met.
  • WolEvac – An evacuation system tied into the WhosOnLocation application.
  • WolMobile – A mobile app that can be used by employees and service providers to sign in and out without a kiosk, and track their current location.
  • WolPass – An invitation that can be sent to pre-registered visitors with information about their visit, the location, and the surrounding area.
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